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    Dental Care at Mayra Health

    Welcome to the Dental Care services provided by Mayra Health, your premier destination for health tourism in Istanbul, Turkey. We have partnered with the prestigious Hospital to ensure you receive top-notch dental care amidst the historic beauty of this magnificent city.

    Why Choose Istanbul for Dental Care?

    Istanbul, a city that bridges two continents, combines the rich heritage of its ancient civilization with modern amenities. Beyond its historical wonders and scenic beauty, Istanbul is fast emerging as a hotspot for medical tourism, especially dental care. The city boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, experienced doctors, and quality treatment at a fraction of the cost in many Western countries. Plus, patients get to recover while enjoying the iconic vistas, mouthwatering cuisine, and warm hospitality the city offers.

    Our Dental Care Procedures

    At Mayra Health, we offer an extensive range of dental care services including:

    1. Teeth Whitening
    2. Dental Implants
    3. Cosmetic Dentistry
    4. Oral Surgery
    5. Periodontal Treatments
    6. Orthodontics
    7. And more…

    Common Questions

    Is dental care in Turkey safe?

    Yes, dental care in Turkey, especially in established institutions like Mayra Health and Hospital, is of the highest standards. We adhere to international healthcare norms, utilize the latest technologies, and boast experienced professionals in the field.

    How much savings can I expect?

    While the exact savings can vary based on the procedure, many of our international patients save up to 50-70% compared to the costs in their home countries without compromising on the quality of care.

    Can I combine my treatment with a vacation?

    Absolutely! Istanbul is a tourist paradise. We recommend that our patients enjoy the rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture of the city before or after their treatments. This gives you a unique opportunity to merge health needs with leisure and exploration.

    How do I schedule an appointment?

    You can get in touch with our dedicated patient care team, who will guide you through the scheduling, treatment plan, and any other details you need.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Mayra Health in Istanbul and offering you a rejuvenating dental care experience amidst the charms of this ancient city.

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